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Rules & Regulations

Lets keep it fair, friendly and simple!


    1. Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited. Anyone found to be using or under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be automatically disqualified.
    2. No flash photography allowed.
    3. No videotaping allowed. This includes but is not limited to video cameras, digital cameras, cell phones, etc.
    4. Registration forms will not be accepted without payment in full.
    5. Any disrespect to any volunteer, organizer, stage manager, stage runner, mc, or anyone else working at the Sun City Dance Classic will be automatically disqualified.
    6. Absolutely NO refunds! (This includes but is not limited to: event cancellation, sickness, injury, death, inclement weather, catastrophic circumstances and failure to register and pay in full for all participants)
    7. Sun City Dance Classic reserves the right to change any of the rules, regulations, registration requirements, etc. at any time without prior notification to registrants.
    8. Bracelets must be worn on dancer’s wrist prior to entering the competition.
    9. Parents of children under the age of 9 will be designated to a dressing room to help the dancers change. Parents must have bracelet and be on parent list in order to enter changing room.
    10. ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK!!! NO EXCEPTIONS! Teams may bring ice chests with water, but they must be kept in the dancer’s area ONLY!